sample PC

To help players have an idea of what the GM is expecting from them, he has built a sample PC: Qhari-dej.

  • Qhari-dej is a thri-kreen to show several things:
    1. level adjusted races are allowed, if you can meet the skill pre-requisites
    2. unusual races are allowed, so long as you explain away possible contradictions. Thri-kreen don’t sleep, nor do they look particularly like an overweight, elderly human. His 04th level biography explains away what could have been seen as physiological and cultural barriers to having thri-kreen in the campaign
    3. remind people that the XPH is part of the SRD and thus preapproved
  • Qhari-dej is a ninja to show several things:
    1. ninja are the class perhaps best suited to this one-shot
    2. remind people that non-SRD options are allowed with GM approval
  • Qhari-dej at 04th Level could have been built using Versatile1: Disguise and Knowledge (History: Centicles) instead of Sabbatical2. If he had been, he still would have met the prerequisites, but his skills would have looked like:
Skills: Disguise +7 (+9 to disguise as Centicles), Knowledge (History: Centicles) +5, Listen +4, Move Silently +9, Speak Thri-Kreen, Speak Common, Spot +4

Remember, there are quite a few D&D 3.5 resources out there. Utilize them to your benefit. There are probably multiple ways to pull off your idea.

  • Qhari-dej at 12th Level was built by adding eight more levels to the existing character, including spending an additional 82,600 gp on equipment. I didn’t sell back the normal sai when I purchased the magical sai. I just paid the difference, as I figured it’d be easier than making y’all figure out the cost of selling back your non-masterwork items.
  • Qhari-dej at 20th Level was also built by just adding eight more levels to the existing character. This includes the 672,000 gp spent on equipment, where I once again only paid for the difference between normal hand crossbows and magical hand crossbows instead of selling them back for less than full price.

You have a lot more freedom with feat and skill choices at this point, as the prerequisites are the same as at twelth level.

If this sample PC leaves you with any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

1 Player’s Guide to Arcanis p.162

2 Player’s Guide to Arcanis p.157

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sample PC

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