Psionic Craftsman

Psionic Craftsperson (Psion)

[Psychic Warrior, Wilder]

Tattooing intricate geometric designs, growing slender crystals, or fletching beautiful arrows is just the beginning for a psionic craftswoman. In addition to creating items of amazing craftswomanship, these individuals imbue their objects with psionic energy to create items of exceptional work. Some items are temporary, while others will last for generations—long outlasting any powers manifested by their creator.

Adventuring: Most Psionic Craftsmen do not adventure. They’re content to spend their days perfecting their craft and adding the the world’s number of psionic items. Those who do go adventuring do so for any number of reasons. They might need hard to obtain ingredients. They might wish to expose themselves to differing crafting techniques from around the world. They might desire to go seek lost ancient psionic item lore or the item itself. Whatever their reason, their arsenal of psionic items is a welcome addition to any party.

Roleplaying: Psionic Craftspeople cover the full range of natures, demeanors, and alignments. Some are rather scholarly, and would rather be lecturing or debating with fellow psionic craftspeople than adventuring. Others are more practical, seeing adventuring as an opportunity for discovering new crafting techniques and theories.

Benefits: The Psionic Craftswoman spends enough time studying the processes of making psionic items that she treats her effective manifester level as two less for the purposes of psionic item creation feat prerequisites. This does not change her effective manifester level for actually creating any items with these feats.

Penalties: The Psionic Craftsman spends enough time studying the process of crafting psionic items that he has less free time to devote to picking up other skills. At first level he receives three less skill points and one less skill point at every level an item creation feat is purchased early. In addition, a Psionic Craftsman must spend at least one skill point per level on a Craft skill which is relevant to the crafting of a psionic item.

Non-psions: Other manifesting classes gain the benefits and penalties as described above. Spellcasting classes may take the “Arcane Craftsperson” or “Divine Craftsperson” character concept1, which functions identically to the “Psionic Craftsperson” by substituting references to “manifester level” with “caster level.”

1 Ultimate Character Concepts

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Psionic Craftsman

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