• How many hours do you estimate it will take?

    “Due to the nature of this six to eight hour event, players will need to create fourth-, twelth-, and twentieth-level versions of the same character1.”

  • I think i’m leaning toward the Savage Bard variant, but will the illiteracy throw any monkeywrenches into your plans?

    Illiterate characters are assumed to serve illiterate communities. Illiterate communities won’t write a letter to Centicles or leave a note with cookies on Winter Solstice Eve. For a list of skill requirements, see the character creation guidelines.

  • Does the Manyshot feat apply only to bows and arrows? From the wording, I’m starting to think that it does not apply to crossbow bolts, but that may be up to DM judgment.

    The image on page 97 of the Player’s Handbook shows the Manyshot feat in action. You’ll note that the archer has both arrows in his right hand and is separating the two arrows by his left forefinger. Crossbows don’t have such mechanisms, unless specifically designed to fire multiple shots at once. Those that can would probably need Exotic Weapon Proficiency rather than Manyshot. Rapid Shot, but not Manyshot, can be used with a Repeating Crossbow.

    What you might look into doing is using a crossbow in each hand using Two-Weapon Fighting and its string of feats. Dual Strike from Complete Adventurer2 allows for nearly the same mechanic as Manyshot, so look into that option.

  • I would like to see if you will allow BJ to take the Complete Arcane3 feat Extra Slot…

    Yes. In fact, that ability is already built into the Witch class I completed.

  • Might my bard Ranathen use this spell from Player’s Handbook II4? Phantom Battle…

    Yes, phantom battle fits within the parameters of the types of spells a savage bard could cast. I have added it to the savage bard spell list for you.

  • Do you have to be from this plane?

    Yes, characters must be from the prime material plane. They can, however, be native outsiders.

1 campaign welcome

2 Complete Adventurer pp. 108-109

3 Complete Arcane

4 Player’s Handbook II

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