Qhari-dej at 04th Level

Packmate of Centicles


Qhari-dej is a thri-kreen with symbols tattooed on his sandy yellow chitin and a red cap with white fur trim atop his head.

Thri-kreen1, 2nd Level Ninja2.
Medium Monstrous Humanoid (Psionic)
Hit Dice: 2d8 + 2d6 +8 (29)
Initiative: +2
Speed: 40
Armor Class: 18 (+2 Dex, +3 Wis, +3 natural), touch 15, flat-footed 16
Base Attack/Grapple: +3/+3
Attack: sai +3 melee (1d4); or claw +3 melee (1d4); or bite +3 melee (1d4); or sleep bolt +6 ranged (1d4+1 nonlethal, 19-20 crit, DC 11 Will save or fall asleep, 30’); or sai +5 ranged (1d4, 10’)
Full Attack: 4 sai +1 melee (1d4) and bite -4 melee (1d4); or 4 claws +1 melee (1d4) and bite -4 melee (1d4); or 2 sleep bolts +4 ranged (1d4+1 nonlethal, 19-20 crit, DC 11 Will save or fall asleep, 30’) and 2 sai +3 ranged (1d4, 10’); or 4 sai +3 ranged (1d4, 10’)
Space/Reach: 5’/5’
Special Attacks: poison, psi-like abilities, sudden strike
Special Qualities: AC bonus, darkvision 60’, ghost step, immunity to sleep effects, ki power, leap, sign of the gods, skills, trapfinding
Saves: Fort +2, Ref +8, Will +6
Abilities; Str 10, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 17, Cha 10
Skills: Disguise +6, Knowledge (History: Centicles) +4, Listen +8, Move Silently +6, Speak Thri-Kreen, Speak Common, Spot +8
Feats: Defect Arrows; Exotic Weapons: hand crossbow, kama, nunchaku, sai, shuriken, & siangham; Martial Weapons: kukri, shortbow, & short sword; Multiweapon Fighting; Sabbatical3; Simple Weapons; Weapon Familiarity: chatkcha & gythka
Alignment: True Lawful
Favored Class: Ranger
Character Concept: Appointed4.
Poison (Ex): 1/day Bite, Fortitude DC 13, initial damage 1d6 Dex, secondary damage paralysis for 2d6 minutes.
Psi-Like Abilities (Psi): 3/day- chameleon, know direction & location; 1/day- greater concealing amorpha, metaphysical claw Manifester level 2.
Leap (Ex): +30 natural bonus to jump checks
Skills (Ex): +4 racial bonus on Hide checks in sandy or arid settings
Sign of the Gods (Ex): 1/game session receive a sign from the gods DC 16 Charisma check. Take a -2 Will penalty for next 24 hours.
AC Bonus (Ex): Add +3 to AC, except when immobilized, helpless, wearing armor, carrying a shield, or carrying a medium or heavy load.
Ki Power (Su): 4/day. +2 Will if any ki power uses are remaining.
Sudden Strike (Ex): +1d6
Trapfinding (Ex): Use Search and Disable Devise skills to locate, disarm, and/or bypass traps average skill users cannot.
Ghost Step (Su): 1 round of invisibility/ki power use as a swift action which does not provoke AoO.
thri-kreen harness
Centicles costume
masterwork artisan’s tools
ring of jumping
4 sai
2 hand crossbows
20 sleep bolts
501 gp

1 Expanded Psionics Handbook pp.14-15

2 Complete Adventurer pp.5-10

3 Player’s Guide to Arcanis p.157

4 Ultimate Character Concepts p.12


Due to the thri-kreen racial memories (known as the tikchak), larva know of the qharsi’tet Centicles long before he appears on their first Winter Solstice Eve. The tikchak sometimes conflict between larva within the same clutch. Some larva recall Centicles as a mammal-person, while others recall him as a kreen dressed in mammal-person clothing with a mammal-person name. Regardless, all of the memories are clear on one point, Centicles is a hunter of the young. He counts coup on the young, testing their burgeoning combat skills (known as the tikchak) in the deep of night when mammal-people sleep.

On his first Winter Solstice Eve Qhari-dej saw the truth, Centicles was indeed a mammal-person. The qharsi’tet snuck up on the young larva, quickly making a few strokes on the chitin over his protothorax. As Qhari-dej turned to face his opponent, the elderly human smiled and winked before dodging behind a dune. As Qhari-dej rounded the dune to challenge his attacker he felt a few more quick strokes on his chitin. Turning around again no one was there. It was then that he noticed that he had symbols for good fortune painted in clay on his chitin.

In subsequent years Centicles was a kreen in the mammal-person’s clothes. This disturbed Qhari-dej, despite the gifts he was brought. Once he was of age and completed his chatkcha ceremony he began his wandering years with purpose. He was sure that the gods themselves had appointed him to seek out the mammal-person Centicles who had visited him between his first and second moltings. He traveled far from his desert home, eventually discovering the dense forest of Centicles’ workshops and training grounds. Now he too comes to the larva of the world when the mammal-person cannot, painting blessings or curses on the larva during the night prior to the Winter Solstice and teaching them the dangers of being prey rather than predator.

Qhari-dej at 04th Level

Centicles' Legion Figment