Cosma at 20th Level

Half-giant 17th Level Sorceress

Half-Giant1, 17th Level Sorcerer.
Large Giant
Hit Dice: 2d8 +17d4 +38 (102)
Initiative: -1 (-1 Dex)
Speed: 50 feet (10 squares)
Armor Class: 19 (-1 size, -1 Dex, +1 insight, +8 armor, +2 natural), touch 9, flat-footed 12
Base Attack/Grapple: +9/+13
Attack: +5 keen, merciful alhulak2 +16 melee (1d8+8 lethal or non-lethal, 19-20/x3); or javelin3 +13 ranged (1d8+8 lethal or non-lethal, 19-20/x3, 80’, no mischance)
Full Attack: +5 keen, merciful alhulak +16/+11 melee (1d8+8 lethal or non-lethal, 19-20/x3, +10 reach); or javelin +13 ranged (1d8+8 lethal or non-lethal, 19-20/x3, 80’, no mischance)
Space/Reach: 10/10
Special Attacks: Spells
Special Qualities: Axis alignment, darkvision 70’, giant type, natural armor, spell resistance 21
Saves: Fort +12, Ref +5, Will +10
Abilities; Str 16, Dex 8, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 9, Cha 15
Skills: Disguise +23, Knowledge (History: Centicles) +9, Move Silently +16, Speak Common
Feats: Awareness (when hawk is in arm’s reach); Insightful4; Highten Spell; Martial Weapon Proficiency: All; Sabbatical5; Simple Weapon Proficiency: All, Sudden Extend6; Sudden Maximize7; Sudden Widen8, Versatile: Disguise & Knowledge (History: Centicles)
Alignment: Varied Good
Favored Class: Barbarian
Character Traits: Nightsighted9, Quick10

When not wanting to injure folk, such as children staying up late to catch Centicles in action on Winter’s Eve, Cosma has color spray, deep slumber, flare, or glitterdust at her disposal. Even in melee, she can use her +5 alhulak to disarm anyone within 20’, meaning that she can usually disarm people long before they can reach her.

When injury is acceptable, Cosma has acid splash, burning hands, fireball, flaming sphere, lightning bolt, ray of frost at her disposal. Her +5 keen, merciful alhulak can cause slashing damage on anyone with 20’, meaning that she can engage people long before they can engage her. Combatants further than 20’ can be struck for piercing damage with javelins thrown from her +5 distance, keen, merciful, seeking atlatl11.

Giant Type: Half-giants are not subject to spells or effects that affect humanoids only, such as charm person or dominate person.
Darkvision: Half-giants have darkvision to a range of 60 feet.
Natural Armor: Half-giants gain a +2 natural armor bonus to AC.
Axis Alignment: One aspect of the half-giant’s alignment must be fixed, and chosen during character creation. The other half must be chosen when they awake each morning. They are only bound to that alignment until they sleep again. For example, a half-giant may have a fixed lawful alignment. Every morning, he must choose to be lawful good, lawful neutral or lawful evil. This alignment change is not mandatory.
Nightsighted: +10’ darkvision, -1 Spot when in areas of bright light
Quick: +10 land speed, -1 HP per HD
Spells: 6 0-level spells per day: acid splash, dancing lights, flare, ghost sound, light, message, open/close, prestidigitation, ray of frost; 7 1st-level spells per day: burning hands, color spray, enlarge person, expeditious retreat, reduce person, shield; 7 2nd-level spells per day: darkness, detect thoughts, flaming sphere, glitterdust, spider climb; 12 3rd-level spells per day: deep slumber, dispel magic, fireball, fly, haste, lightning bolt, tounges; 12 4th-level spells per day: crushing despair, fire shield, greater invisibility, ice storm, lesser geas, shout, wall of ice; 6 5th-level spells per day: cone of cold, hold monster, persistent image, Rary’s telepathic bond, telekinesis, teleport; 6 6th-level spells per day: 0 known; 6 7th-level spells per day: 0 known; 4 8th-level spells per day: 0 known, spend 2 elsewhere
Familiar: Cosma’s hawk grants her a +3 Spot bonus in bright light, grants her an additional +2 Spot & Listen, can share spells when within 5’, share an empathic link up to 1 mile, grants the hawk improved evasion, can deliver touch spells for her, grants the hawk the ability to speak with her and with birds, grants the hawk SR22, and grants her the ability to scry on the hawk once per day as per scrying.
Insightful (Sp): detect magic, detect secret doors_, and read magic 1/day as 1st level caster
Sudden Widen (Sp): 1/day cast a spell whose burst, emanation, line, and spread increases its numeric area by 100%
Sudden Maximize (Sp): 1/day cast a spell with all variable, numeric effects maximized (maximum damage, maximum number of targets, et cetera)
Sudden Extend (Sp): 1/day cast a spell with its duration increased by 100%
Heighten Spell (Sp): Cast a spell in a higher level spell slot as a full round action to increase all effects dependent on spell level to that of the higher spell slot
explorer’s outfit
Centicles costume
bracers of armor +8
dusty rose prism ioun stone
mantle of spell resistance
periapt of wound closure
glove of storing
+5 keen, merciful alhulak
efficient quiver
+5 distance, keen, merciful, seeking atlatl
18 javelins
ring of wizardry III
ring of wizardry IV
stone of good luck
127,660 Cp

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Cosma and her hawk familiar teach young sorceresses the Way of the Preserver at a college of magic in the city-state of Tyr. Each Highest Sun’s Eve she takes the part of Centicles, bringing either fruit or ash to the children who deserve them.

Cosma at 20th Level

Centicles' Legion Figment