Centicles' Legion

Transcript of Public Pardon

as prepared by Solas Kiev

Thank you for coming, my fellow citizens. As you know, two days ago Master Centicles mysteriously escaped our jail facilities and broke into every household of the world yet again on the night before the Winter Solstice. It is obvious that this town alone cannot contain the mystical might of such an elemental…dare we say?...near-deific creature. So, as you all know, the town council spent all day yesterday debating what to do in regards to this…Man?...especially in regards to future Winter’s Eve visits.

It was not an easy decision to make. Yet, I will have you know that the decision was reached unanimously. We took into account that, despite what he did for other villages, at least in this town he chose to err on the side of right. He may have broken into our homes as he has done on so many previous years, but this time he showed his wisdom and compassion. He gave the whole village gifts, and yet he gave the whole village coal. (Lord Snough gestures behind him.) And we will take this new lesson, this gift of fairness and good intentions, and make it a monument. This tree will stand in the square forevermore to remind us all that we all deserve toys, yet all deserve coal.

No one of us is better than the rest. No one of us is good, yet the other evil. What one villager might consider evil, his neighbor might consider good. It is not up to us, or this…Person?...known as Centicles to judge one another. And so, with this lesson in mind, we the town council grant Master Centicles a full and complete pardon for all his crimes, past and present. And we hope that this spirit of good will will continue for future generations. I for one am certain that he will remember his short time in prison and remember the lessons he learned, and which he then shared with us all. Thank you.

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