Centicles' Legion

The Legion of Centicles Part III

Centicles' Legion at 20th Level

Bree Gallagher the Leprechaun Witch, Cosma the Athasian Half-Giant Sorceress, Qhari-dej the Thri-kreen Ninja, Ranathen the Greyhawkian Half-Giant Savage Bard, and Veit Torunn the Dwarven Transmuter return from acting on Centicles’ behalf in their home regions on Winter Solstice Eve to discover that the usual bussle of activity at the Legion’s Headquarters is missing. When they go to report to Jul they quickly realize that an illusion of his receiving a report from a legionaire covers up severe burn damage throughout the room. When they go to the barn where they return their sleighs and reindeer, they discover that the place is a trap, with animated snowmen lying in ambush.

Fearing the worst, the legionaires head to the living quarters to see if anyone is there. They discover ambush after ambush from ice knights. Finally, they make their way up to the second story living quarters of Centicles himself, only to find someone else sitting in the chair by the fireplace. Calling himself Abominable, their oldtime foe Lord Snough brags that once he has finished crushing Centicles and his legion, no one will be able to stop him from ruling the world. A quick scry on Centicles reveals that he is busy fighting for his life against a collossal snowman with his team of nine reindeer.

The legionaires defeat Abominable despite his vast array of psionic powers, but lose Veit in the process. Centicles returns home, and the few remaining legionaires begin the long process of clean up, thankful to the gods for their survival.

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