Centicles' Legion

The Legion of Centicles Part I

Centicles' Legion at 04th Level

Jul assembled four young legionaires in the briefing room for a special mission: Bree Gallagher the Leprechaun Witch, Cosma the Athasian Half-Giant Sorceress, Ranathen the Greyhawkian Half-Giant Savage Bard, and Veit Torunn the Dwarven Transmuter. Their mission was simple: outfit themselves as Centicles’ helpers and assist their fellow legionaire, Sam the Human Wizard of Snough Village.

In the days previous to the mission, while Sam was playing the part of Centicles for patrons of the village’s general store, good little boys and girls were being pelted by snowballs filled with charcoal. While none of the missiles were lethal, it was causing parents to be hesitant in taking their children to see Centicles. Sam had not been able to be in two places at once, so someone was needed to be his eyes and ears while he was in the store.

The four youths were eagar for the challenge, and spurned the offer of additional gear from the legion’s quartermaster. Taking nought but their own personal gear and their costumes as Centicles’ aides, they met with Sam and the general store owner, Mr. Travers, before the store opened. After becoming familiar with the lay of the store and surrounding area, they chose to split up. Two would stay at the general store while two others would wander the town asking questions.

The small village offered little in the way of clues. The general store was on one end of the town square. Opposite it was the town tailor. Adjacent to it was the constabulary and diagonal from it the town observatory and watchtower. After the general store and tailor shop were residences. In the center of the square was a large deciduous tree and several snowmen, all dressed in human clothing.

The town guardsman was very welcoming, if not bright. He offered the legionaires some bitter gruel for breakfast while he readied himself for work. When they noted that one of the snowmen looked like him, he was the one who explained the town tradition of modeling the village square snowmen after residents. It was an honor to be picked for this year, and he was proud.

The tailor was also honored, when they noted that he too was dressed similar to one of the snowmen in the square. He was new to the village, and so he appreciated the honor bestowed on him.

While awaiting customers at the general store, some of the legionaires talked with Mr. Travers. He was the one who informed them that this was the first year that Master Snough of Snough Hall had crafted the snowmen, an honor which the Snough family hadn’t granted the village in a long time, despite the 400 years of unbroken tradition.

Eventually a family did come to visit the general store. After the parents finished shopping and the child sat on Sam’s lap to tell him what he wanted for Winter Solstice, they left. The legionaires had positioned themselves so as to try to catch anyone throwing snowballs, but the child was still hit. As the snowball came from the direction of the village square, they checked the tailor’s shop, his upstairs apartment, and his building’s roof for clues. Scrambling around the rest of the village square they found nothing. So they awaited another family.

Another family did come. The father traded goods with Mr. Travers, the wife picked up some goods, and the children gave their requests to “Centicles.” The legionaires once again were determined to catch the culprit, and this time when one of the children was hit upon exiting the store, they swarmed the village square.

Eventually Veit wrestled a teenage male to the ground. When he escaped Veit’s grasp, the others surrounded him. He wasn’t very cooperative, amazed that the legionaires didn’t know who he was (the same Master Snough who had created this year’s snowmen). Eventually he animated the snowmen in the village square to attack the legionaires. The young heir was subdued when Veit stabbed him in the gut with a dagger. Astounded that they would go to such lengths to stop him, he called off the snowmen and promised to no longer torment the good childen of the village. Viet was arrested and served 18 months in the village’s jail.

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