Centicles' Legion

Campaign Introduction

Welcome to Centicles' Legion

Every child in the world knows that they are judged every Winter Solstice for their deeds of the past year. The elderly human Centicles then sneaks into their houses to fill their stockings with either coal for the wicked or gifts for the good. That is why between the time of the Third Harvest and the Winter Solstice children the world over go to their local general store to sit on Centicles’ lap to tell him of their good deeds and of the gifts they wish for in exchange.

How does this intercessor of the gods complete such a mighty task? Centicles is legion. His hand-picked surrogates are trained, out-fitted with disguises, and sent to every general store in the world to act as he would: to be his eyes, ears, and mouth to the children of the world. They send their reports back to him, help manage the fey factories, and fill their suppliants’ stockings during the night before the Winter Solstice.

However, there are those who despise the good will of the season. Every child knows the tales of such villains as Grintch, Jaquephrost, and Skrouge. What they don’t know is that when such villains try to interfere with the work of Centicles, he sends out his best agents to neutralize these threats.

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